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Yoga With Views of Zion Canyon

The sandstone cliffs and mesas of Zion and Southern Utah are serene and awe inspiring. Zion is calming, beautiful, and offers the perfect backdrop for yoga! There is nothing like yoga outdoors, and we would love to introduce you to it!


What better way to start your day and prepare your muscles for hiking, than to join a morning yoga class? A natural way to find your calm, open up your chakras and get your positive energy flowing. A yoga session will be the perfect prelude to a day of adventure in Zion. Yoga sessions are held in the beautiful nature of Southern Utah, surrounded by some of the most awe inspiring backdrops in the world. We offer both private one on one yoga sessions, as well as group sessions and yoga retreats.


Experience the breathtaking beauty of Zion and Southern Utah, while exploring your inner peace. Join one of our certified Instructors on a body, mind and soul nourishing journey. This incredible opportunity of becoming one with nature will introduce you to your stunning surroundings, while practicing the calming movements of yoga. We will lead you through the postures that will join your body and soul with the joys and majesty of the breathtaking Navajo sandstone vistas of Southern Utah.

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About Us
Lauren Bishop Yoga Instructor

About Lauren

Lauren is a life loving certified Yoga instructor known for bringing light, joy and balance to her students.
Growing up in a military family she found herself inspired from the different people, places and cultures she had the privilege of connecting with. She never felt a sense of grounding until she found yoga. It has been her passion for the last 10 years to share this gift of self journey with others and to watch it influence and better the lives of others.  

Lauren Bishop - Owner/Yoga Instructor

Lauren Bishop Yoga Instructor

About Blanca

Blanca developed her love for yoga, discovering that Yoga is not only one of the most complete ways to maintain a healthy body, but it also allows people to develop discipline, while cultivating strength and endurance.
She has been dedicated to serving her friends and family as well as her community with enthusiasm and dedication. She brings a level of excitement to everything she’s involved in that is contagious.

Blanca Martineau - Yoga Instructor

Lauren Bishop Yoga Instructor

About Tiffany

Tiffany has a strong passion for yoga and its spiritual parallel, meditation. 
Tiffany never enjoyed going to the gym, but wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. She discovered the physical benefits of yoga and has never looked back. As she studied the practice she also found a deep love for meditation as it helped her struggles with depression and anxiety. Combining the two, she found her saving grace and wants to share her passion and light by uniting the mind with the body.

Tiffany Hatch - Yoga Instructor

Lauren Bishop Yoga Instructor

About Sofie

 Sofie is a certified yoga instructor specializing in vinyasa flow. She has a passion for connecting with others on and off the mat.
After a long battle with anorexia, Sofie quickly realized the need to cultivate vulnerability, courage, and self-love. Yoga was the driving force behind that, helping her to reclaim a sense of authenticity and mindfulness. Now, her intention is to spread the tools she used to gain her wellness with the world.

Sofie Scaletta - Yoga Instructor

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