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Elevate your wedding day experience, starting with yourself. Consider wedding party yoga in Zion, aprivate yoga session with your bridesmaids or other members of your wedding party.


A private yoga session for you and your bridal party is exactly what you need to find your center before walking down the isle. Incorporating Zion Canyon Yoga into your wedding day is not only a gift to yourself, but also to your wedding party. A source of unity and connection through breath and posture will make all the difference. A Yoga class is a great way to bond with your bridal party, as you relax, washing away all of the stress of the day. Imagine a private yoga session with your closest friends, amongst the sandstone cliffs and majestic mesas of Zion National Park in Southern Utah.


Breathe, release stress, reawaken to the sacredness of the day by attending a private yoga flow class with your bridesmaids. Enjoy heart opening postures that invite love and mindfulness into your wedding day. If your morning ‘day of’ schedule is already full than we invite you to unwind with a candle light evening flo the night before to realign, for restful sleep and relaxation.


Practice in the most serene settings, filled with love, honoring your wedding day. 

A wedding can be such an intimate, love-filled event, so to be a part of that is really an honor. Starting your day off with guided physical movement, focus and time just for yourself, is proven to be invaluable. A yoga session in Zion with your wedding party sets the stage to move through the day with intention and focus.


Arranging pre-wedding yoga is simple. Pick your date and time and we will work to make the event special and unique for you.

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